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Manchester terrier

Manchester Terrier Dog:

The Manchester Terrier is a short haired breed of terrier that is sometimes called the Black and Tan Terrier, although the latter name is rarely used today.

This breed was developed as a ratter by breeding whippets with terrier mixes. However, its skill and tenacity was never limited to killing rats – the breed is reputed to be fearless and able to fight dogs and other animals twice its size. The Manchester Terrier is only about 15 inches tall, and weighs no more than eight kilograms.

There are also Toy Manchester Terriers that are about 11 inches tall and weigh around four kilograms. These dogs are tough and muscular but compact and extremely agile. The face is long and tapering, with pointy triangular ears and small, bright eyes.

The coat is short and smooth and almost entirely black, except for tan markings on the muzzle, eyebrows, legs, and sometimes the chest.

Like most terriers, the Manchester Terrier dog is alert, energetic, and agile. It is quite an independent dog, but at the same time enjoys human company and is keen to please its owner. The Manchester Terrier is also very intelligent, and can be trained quite easily. Manchester Terrier training can often be handled by the owner herself. As long as the training is made fun and rewarding, this dog loves to learn, and must in fact be kept engaged in such a manner. Competitive activities such as agility and sports are ideal for this dog – these are fun for the dog, and also keep it fit both mentally and physically. Of course, this does not eliminate the need for regular walking, which is necessary for any dog. Without these activities and the stimulation they provide, a Manchester Terrier will become bored and destructive, and may also develop other behavioral problems. Socialization of Manchester Terrier puppies is equally important, as is providing the dog with a clear and consistent pack structure. Manchester Terriers have been bred to hunt, especially small animals, so if you have other small pets at home, it is important to get your puppy used to these pets from a young age. Even after this, it is not advisable to leave the dog unsupervised with a smaller pet such as a hamster or mouse, or perhaps even a cat.

Manchester Terrier dogs are generally healthy, and have no serious congenital health problems. They usually live for at least 15 years. They are however prone to a few conditions such as glaucoma and Von Willebrand's disease, so you must watch out for signs of these conditions.

  Submitted on November 19, 2009  

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