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Australian Bandog

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The Australian bandog was originally bred for hunting but is now more recognized for its excellent guarding skills.

The term Bandog is used to describe the overall type of dog – large, muscular, and similar to the mastiff. While the term Bandog originated in Europe, the   Australian bandog was bred in Australia. These dogs are very intelligent and while they are cautious in their interactions with strangers, they are able to get along with visitors welcomed by the family.

Physical Appearance

The Australian bandog is a large and powerful dog that stands about 30 inches tall and weighs over 40 kilos.

They have a soft coat that is generally black in color although brindle, fawn, and Mahogany are not uncommon. They have light colored eyes and a very prominent square muzzle. As with other types of Bandogs, the thick folds of skin below their jaw line is a prominent characteristic.      

Breed and Temperament

Australian bandog puppies respond well to training if you are consistent, and they do not respond well to a harsh trainer or one who is too soft and tender.

You need to maintain a perfect balance, being kind, but not soft, and consistent, rather than forceful. These pups are promising when young but if put under excessive pressure they can develop to be moody, self-willed, and stubborn dogs. They are very protective and when playing outdoors, they prefer to be within view of their owner at all times. Bandogs are good natured and get on well with other dogs, livestock, and pets, but only if they are socialized when young. This dog breed has an instinctive suspicion towards strangers, and will stand up to any threat to their owner or their family.

Health Risks and Care

Australian bandog breeders admit that the biggest problems these dogs can face are the result of poor breeding and faulty training. This is because many breeders often rely more on the dogs size and aggressive appearance to the point of neglecting the finer aspects of dog training. Such dogs invariably fall short of the owner’s expectations as poor breeding practices results in either aggressive or unstable dogs. In the initial stages, your dog may require a considerable amount of training, but make sure that the training progresses slowly to avoid unnecessary stress.  

Australian Bandog Dog Rescue

When searching for a pup, make sure that you only contact reputable breeders that have Australian bandog puppies for sale. Most of these breeders run several tests to ensure that the pups are healthy and are willing to provide these test results at the time of the sale. Additionally, many breeders also put the pups through temperament tests that help to detect any problems in the dog’s temperament. You can also obtain Australian bandog info from your vet before making a decision.
  Submitted on September 23, 2011  

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