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Cierny Sery

Cierny Sery Dog Breed, Puppies, Nature, Grooming and Characteristics

Dog breeding was and still is a very competitive activity.

Breeders are very particular about not mixing purebreds. If you are interested in a dog as pet, you should consider the qualities you want in your dog rather than lay emphasis only on its genealogy. The ancestry of the Cierny Sery has originated in the Slovak breed though popularly it is considered a German breed. It was developed by cross breeding Belgian sheepdogs and Altdeutsche Hütehund.

This Cierny Sery dog can be up to 26 inches in height and can weigh in a range of 55 to 66 pounds. This dog breed is largely black in color. It can have small black or white markings. The dog also tends to have big, erect ears.

This Cierny Sery breed generally has three types of coats.

One type of Cierny Sery has a double coat. It is a thick double coat. The coat has been created so as not to interfere with the working of the dog. The undercoat is plenty and thick. The second kind has a double coat but with a longer coat over the ears, legs and tails. The third type is the rough Cierny Sery which has a moustache and chops along with a double coat. These dogs need grooming, usually thorough grooming once a week. It does tend to shed a lot.

It is an even tempered dog that is usually athletic, elegant, strong and balanced. This breed makes a good pet as it is friendly dog. It does not respond well to harsh training methods. To be truly happy a Cierny Sery needs a pack leader. This breed makes a good guard dog. The purpose of a guard dog is to scare strange people and animals away.

Any pet needs a good amount of exercise and it is quite unfair if you are going to keep the dog caged in an apartment all day. You should ensure that you get your dog gets enough exercise to keep it fit, active and agile. These dogs need a fair amount of exercise and will do well if the house has a yard. A brisk walk everyday can work wonders. Jogging or running with them on a cycle also works well. If this breed is not exercised well, it tends to get restless and even destructive. Cierny Sery puppies are easy to find if you want to buy as it is a popular breed for a pet.
  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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