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Bukovina Sheepdog

Bukovina Sheepdog - Information on the Dog Breed, Breeders, Puppies, Nature and Characteristics

The Bukovina sheepdog is a strong and rustic canine breed that is native to the Carpathic region in Bucovina, particularly in the North-East part of Romania.

Originally, these dogs were used in the role of a mountain dog, to protect the herds and guard them against predators, which could include thieves or wild animals. In modern times, Bukovina sheepdogs can be found as pets in several cities across the world.

Bukovina Sheepdog Nature and Chracteristics

On average, a male Bukovina sheepdog stands at a height of around 27 to 30 inches, though the female of the species is about 2 inches shorter. Their weight is in accordance with their height.

Dogs belonging to this breed have a massive head, which is a bit elevated, as compared to the back line. Their skull is on the wider side, just like their black, well-developed nose.

The muzzle of the Bukovina sheepdog resembles the shape of a truncated cone. They have strong jaws and healthy white teeth, with a scissor’s bite.

Their coat has two layers of hair; on the body, they have abundant hair, which is longer, thicker, harder and straight. The next layer of hair that they have is shorter and lighter in color too. They are white in color, with well-defined patches of sand-charcoal, black or brindle.

Dogs that belong to this breed make excellent pets and watchdogs. Since these dogs get along quite well with children, they make good pets for families. They are calm, loyal, courageous and devoted to the family that they belong to. In case they sense strangers or other animals coming close to what they regard as their territory, they alert their owners to the fact by using a powerful bark, which can be heard at a far distance, in spite of its low tonality. However, they need to be trained at an early age, to realize that their masters make the decision for them and not the other way around. Adult Bukovina sheepdogs require a lot of space to run and play, which is why they are not well-suited for apartment life. They need to play and spend a lot of time outdoors every day. Owners need to ensure that they take their dogs for a long watch each day.

Bukovina Sheepdog Breeders

The cost of Bukovina sheepdog puppies for sale may vary, based on their age and their overall medical condition. As a potential pet owner, you may find listings of a Bukovina sheepdog for sale on various websites or in the newspapers. However, in order to get a dog that is healthy, it may be best to contact Bukovina sheepdog breeders directly. There is a lot of information on these dogs easily available through various resources. However, pet owners are advised to consult a professional breeder or even a vet for more accurate Bukovina sheepdog info, before keeping one as a pet.


  Submitted on December 7, 2011  

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