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Vizsla dog

Vizsla dog breed, temprament and training hungarian vizsla puppies

The Vizsla Origin and Roots.

The Vizsla dog was brought to Hungary by the Magyars around a thousand years ago as a perfect hunting dog, and a companion to humans. The Vizsla serves both as a pointer and as a retriever. The breed adjusted well to the open Hungarian grounds and later became a common pet amongst the nobles of the country. During the Second World War, the breed almost faced extinction.

Many of them were killed as the Russian invasion took place, but enough were saved by the Hungarians to carry forward the Vizsla breed to this date.

The Vizsla Look. The Vizsla dog is medium sized, well built, and mostly found with coats in rusty-gold tones and dark reds. They have broad heads with sharp and pointed muzzles.

There is a nice blend with their coat color and their eyes. They have long and muscular necks with broad shoulders. The Vizsla dog has a deep chest and their tails are usually docked. Their ears droop down to their cheeks and have a silky texture.

The Vizsla Temperament. The Hungarian Vizsla dog is an accurate pointer as well as a retriever. It is best suited to hunt deep forest game; however, the Vizsla has also shown great aptitude as a water fowl dog. It is best to introduce the Vizsla to water at an early age. The Hungarian Vizsla is expressive, sensitive, and fearless by nature. It adheres to affection and it is very likely for the Vizsla to turn into an oversized lap dog.

Training a Vizsla. The energy level of a Hungarian Vizsla dog is very high in comparison with other breeds. So as far as training a Vizsla is concerned, it is highly recommended that there is a very vigorous training regime in action for it to satiate its high energy levels. It is advisable to take your Vizsla for deep jungle treks, hikes and to keep it as your companion for long jogs and walks. The Vizsla has a good deal of stamina to keep you motivated through those long jogs. The Vizsla dog should be kept occupied with some or the other physical activity most of time. Vizsla stands for ‘alert and responsive' in the Hungarian language, and it actually lives up to its name. It very tough and exhaustive for humans to keep up with a vizsla's training session.

The Hungarian Vizsla dog/puppies bonds well with its masters and older children. Its loving nature and attitude makes the Vizsla one of the favorite pets not just amongst the Hungarians, but also in other parts of the world as well.

  Submitted on October 14, 2009  

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