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Irish red and white setters

Irish Red and White Setters Breed of Dog:

Irish red and white setters, those highly energetic dogs, go by other names such as Parti-colored setters.

Such dogs are meant for outdoors in addition to fields. Thus, they have been bred to be physically powerful as well as athletic. Broad and sturdy hindquarters complete the picture. At the same time, this breed is rather intelligent and devoted.

These dogs date back a long way to around the 17th century in Ireland and probably go further back than the Irish setter. Because of the name, most people are led to believe that such a dog is simply another regular Irish setter, but one which has the red and white coat. However, don’t let the name fool you as this is a separate breed. Irish red and white setter puppies look incredibly adorable.

A typical Irish red and white setter is one which has a nice base coat of white, marked by dense red patches. Hence the name parti-colored is also used. This setter has a lot of pluck and spirit that goes along with its amazing energy levels. These determined dogs will require adequate and regular amounts of exercise.  

If you’re looking for a family pet, their friendly nature should certainly win your vote. This spirited but kind Irish red and white setter dog will easily adjust as a family dog. These are more family and children’s dogs than guard dogs since they appear to lack that necessary, natural guarding instinct. Even in the house the energy and activity levels of these setters tend to be somewhat high. Irish red and white setter puppies are such adorably cute bundles of energy. If you have concerns about their coats, remember that usually there’s no need to brush them too much or even trim them. The rather daintily textured coat comes with fine feathering. These setters do not have any curly coats although they might be a little wavy. They score over the Irish setter in the sense that they have lesser coats. You can’t afford to be passive with such setters as they require firm training. At the same time, exercise is very important if you want the dog’s temperament to be good. Irish red and white setter puppies have to be trained starting pretty young. This is necessary to stem any possibly bad influences as these dogs need to know that you, as their owner, are the master. Bad habits are easily learnt if they feel you aren’t really authoritative. Posterior Polar Cataract is a concern with this particular Irish setter.
  Submitted on December 24, 2009  

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