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Pug dog

Pug dog and pug puppies, temperament, training and grooming.

The pug breed of dogs is very recognizable and has a short, wrinkly and muzzled face.

The dogs are rather small and also possess a rather long body with a curled tail. Pug puppies are also commonly called 'Puglets'. Pugs have a very long and revered history and were very widely found in Chinese civilizations.

The original name of these short dogs was Lo Chiang Sze, which was later shortened to Lo-sze. The pug was introduced to Europe around the time of Napoleon when Josephine, who married him, had a pug. Legend has it that the animal had bitten the famous general's ankle when he would not allow the animal near the marriage bed, which then prompted Josephine to threaten to stop sleeping in the same bed if the dog was banished.

This then caused Napoleon to change his mind after which he shared the bed with his wife and pet pug. The pug is also the official dog of Dutch royalty – the House of Orange.
The pug temperament is very perky and energetic. The animal is also very affectionate, loving and loyal. Its high intelligence can make it a very easy animal to train. Pug dog training, though, essentially needs to be imparted by a strong minded individual as, if the training is imparted by someone with less will than the animal, the dog could become inclined to believe that it is the master. This could lead to other psychological complications including over-possessiveness, jealousy as well as disobedience. The fact that the dogs are very sensitive to their master's tone of voice makes them very obedient when trained properly and with the right intensity. The fact that the pugs are very eager to please their master will make sure that they very rarely disappoint or behave in an unruly disobedient manner unless improperly trained. They are extremely lively dogs and are very active indoors; their small size makes them very adaptable to small apartments.
As far as grooming goes, they are not really high maintenance animals. However, the muzzle area may need to be cleaned on a regular basis as the dogs tend to drool rather excessively. You may also need to clean the areas under the folds of the animal's skin to prevent itchiness or dry skin. The pug litter can range from a female giving birth to anywhere between 3 to about 7 puppies. The animal is likely to give birth to a higher number of pups the next time she delivers.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010  

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