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Bospin - Information on the Dog Breed, Puppies, Breeders, Size and Temperament

The Bospin breed is a mixed breed of dogs that is produced by mixing the Boston Terrier dog with the Miniature Pinscher dog.

Most examples of the Bospin breed are bred as 50% Boston Terrier and 50% Miniature Pinscher. However, over the course of time it has become very common to find multi-generation mixes where cross bred dogs are bred with pure bred dogs or with other cross bred examples of the same dog. The Bospin is a designer breed of dogs that has come about as a result of human intervention where the right examples of each breed have been brought together in order to produce a new dog.

Bospin Puppies, Breeders, Size and Temperament

Bospin puppies are extremely playful and tend to be very affectionate. The size of the Bospin dog will vary between being small and medium small in size. The Bospin dog is very even tempered which means one should not have a problem even if the dog is introduced to guests and visitors to the house.

The coat of the Bospin puppies and also of adult Bospin dogs tends to be quite short. This makes it especially easy to clean, thus allowing the owner to groom the dog over long intervals. The Bospin dog is one breed that responds best to the method of ‘reinforcement’ teaching. In this method, the dog is made to do certain tasks following which the owner will feed it a treat or treat it with extra affection. This creates the link in the dog’s brain that it must perform these tasks in order to gain the affection and approval of the master. This helps immensely during dog training, especially when training it how to behave in an urban environment. The relatively small size of the dog makes it quite suited to an urban environment.

The Bospin dog breed does not bark too often. However the dog is very excitable and may not remain quiet if it is excited and if it wants to go out for a walk. Bospin breeders can be found on the internet on various canine communities that have sprung up. In some cases, owners may meet the potential parents of the dog before the process of breeding takes place. This takes the term designer dog to a whole new level as it is possible to choose which examples of each breed are allowed to breed with each other.
  Submitted on October 11, 2011  

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