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Griffon Nivernais

Griffon Nivernais Dogs, Puppies, Information, Size and Temperament

Griffon Nivernais is a dog that originated in France.

It was bred for hunting and is a scent hound. The breed of dogs was associated with the nobility of France and with the Revolution, the breed soon died out. In the early 20th century efforts were made to revive the breed. Nevertheless their numbers remained extremely low, but off late they have begun to flourish. This breed is classified as a hound and therefore, still used in hunting.

It is largely used to hunt boars in packs. Today’s Griffon Nivernais dogs are a version of these original dogs. These dogs were originally bred by French noblemen. This breed may have also descended from Cane Segusii and is occasionally called that or is referred to as the Celtic Hounds. Some of the other breeds used in reconstruction are Grand Griffon Vendeen, Otterhounds and Foxhounds.

Information on the original Griffon Nivernais is quite scant.

This dog is a medium sized dog and males can grow to 25 inches while the females can grow to 23 inches. These dogs can weigh up to 55 pounds and have a rough and shaggy coat with long drooped ears and a long tail. The hair should not ideally cover the eyes. This dog breed can also have a slight tuft of beard on the chin. This dog’s coat is in shades of grey, grizzled, agouti with white hair at the roots, fawn overlaid with black, sable overlaid with black, fawn overlaid with blue and the occasional white spot on the chest. Due to its coat, it can often be mistaken for a wolf. The dog’s muscular and bone construction is very lean and close together. The dog’s shape is designed to for covering greater distances rather than any other house activity. Any anatomical faults can disqualify this dog and these faults can occur due to excessive crossbreeding.

The Griffon Nivernais dog is a long and slender dog rather than a tall dog. This shape allows the dog to run really fast when it is used in hunting. Griffon Nivernais has a solid temperament and they make good pack dogs. Its deep voice and good nose makes it better a hunting dog than its peers. The Griffon Nivernais does not usually have many health problems. It is usually described as a courageous dog. But with its great valor, it is also called obstinate and independent. The training to show the dog who the master is should start when these dogs are puppies, like training for most dogs. This dog loves difficult terrain and thickets in particular. Recently this breed is seeing a renewed interest and the demand for Griffon Nivernais puppies has gone up.
  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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