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Working dog breed

Working Dog Breeds:

It’s been over thousands of years since men and dogs have had their fates inextricably linked together.

We prefer mostly to have a dog as a pet as compared to any other animal but it is equally important that the master and the dog need to be suited well. As dogs are very loyal and trustworthy, owning and living with a dog is better than any other partnership. The working dog breeds include generally most guard dogs as they have very high energy levels.

The list of working dog breeds includes the boxer which is very strong, muscular energetic playful and good natured.

This breed requires early socializing and obedience training when they are puppies. They are alert, intelligent and eager to please and can be trained to a high level for agility sports. Rottweiler, which is a large breed dog, is usually very calm in temperament, confident and intelligent. It must be noted that the Rottweiler can also be rather aggressive towards strangers and strange dogs.

Doberman Pinscher is a big dog breed. Like the Boxer, it requires early training and socializing and need to spend a significant amount of time at the dog training school. They are amazing guard dogs and watch dogs. The Great Dane is another large dog breeds and is known as the gentle giant of dog breeds. This dog is so large that it s essential that it must be well socialized. It is also essential that it is trained to behave carefully around children and also around other pets to prevent it from exerting dominance. The Siberian Husky is a medium to large breed dog which is very playful by nature. It is also considered as a very handsome dog. Training is quite a challenge and must be started when they are puppies and continued through to adulthood. The Mastiff is a gentle dog but is also one of the heaviest dogs. If trained very well from when they are puppies these dogs can be controlled by voice commands only. They are naturally protective of its home. The Saint Bernard is one of the most famous of all giant dog breeds and one of the best known of all dog breeds. It is also very good with children and is considered very obedient and intelligent dog, Bullmastiff a very large dog that is a cross between the Bulldog and the Mastiff dog breeds. The Newfoundland and Bernese mountain dogs are some of the dogs that come under this category as well.

Small breed dogs are more delicate and hence don’t come under this category. Also these working dog breed require a lot of space and even should be exercised regularly in order to keep them mentally and physically fit.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010  

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