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Roman Cane Corso

Roman Cane Corso - Information on the Dog Breed, Puppies and History of Roman Cane Corso Dog

The Roman cane corso is a large dog with Roman ancestors, as the name suggests.

This working dog, which has descended from the Roman Molossus, is an Italian war dog. The cane corso, with its large and ruddy appearance, is the perfect continuation of the gladiator animals that were pitted against fierce creatures such as lions and other wild beasts. The early Molossian mastiffs, from which the modern day cane corso has descended, have been used in world wars and continue to be used as guardian dogs.

Although the role of the Roman cane corso has been very varied, over the years, there has been one task that the dog breed has become adept at and that is big game hunting. Throughout the existence of the Roman cane corso, this dog breed has been used as hunters. The breed is naturally powerful and agile and has a great tracking ability, which makes it an excellent hunting aid.

Their special abilities make them especially useful when hunting wild boars and stags.

Roman Cane Corso Dogs and Puppies

Roman cane corso puppies are also very strong and are adopted into farms to protect the property as well as the livestock. In Italy, these dogs served to protect livestock from predators like wolves, and double-up as guard dogs protecting the homes. In the 1950s, this strong and sturdy dog came close to extinction, but was saved from doom by some really skillful animal lovers. Today, the Roman cane corso dog is chiefly seen as a human companion and a guard dog.

Roman Cane Corso History

The Roman cane corso history is bloody, from the fights in the gladiator arena to their contribution in various wars. In families, however, they are gentle, loving, loyal, and fun loving. Since they are agile and active dogs, they love all outdoor activities like swimming, jogging, and hiking. They are the ideal companions for those who love outdoor adventures.

Although their size can be intimidating, Roman cane corsos are very gentle dogs and are very friendly toward other animals. If they are socialized properly, they can get along very well with other animals and pets. They do, however, have a very strong sense of territory and will stay on their ground. They are aloof with strangers, and as any good guard dog, wary of them. They are also excellent judge of character and can quickly distinguish friends from foes. They also are very wise and can instinctively sense a dangerous situation for their family. They are quick to take action and can very quickly come into protective position if they feel threatened.


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