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Hokkaido Dog Breed, Puppy, Puppies, Size, Nature and Characteristics

The Hokkaido is a Japanese dog and is also known by the names of Ainu-Ken, Seta, Shita or Do-ken.

In Japan, it comes from the district called Hokkaido as well. In 1869, an English zoologist Thomas Blankinston gave this dog the breed name Hokkaido. This breed is one of the oldest breeds among Japanese dogs.

Legend has it that this dog breed has its origins in the Matagi Ken which is a breed brought by the Ainu people.

In the mid 20th century, the government in Japan declared this breed, the Hokkaido a national monument. It is now called Hokkaido-inu. This dog, due to some spots and coat characteristics, is assumed to have genetic links to other dog breeds like Chow Chow and Shar Pei.

The dog is a medium-sized dog, muscular, with triangular small upright ears and a light gait.

This breed has two coats- one is a coat of long, stiff fur and a second coat of soft, short fur. The two coats are inherently to protect it from the extreme winter in Japan. They can be seen in different colors like white, black, red, cream, gray and striped. Males can be up to 50 centimeters tall while females can be up to 40 centimeters tall. It can grow to 65 pounds and has a life expectancy of 11 to 13 years.  They need moderate exercise and long walks suffice well. If the owner does not display true pack leader skills, the dog can become stubborn, headstrong and aggressive especially with other dogs. The coat of these dogs needs to brushed and combed regularly.

Like most breeds, this breed too has a reputation of being very faithful. The Hokkaido can withstand a lot of cold and snow and can also boast of a great sense of direction and can return to its master. It is often used to search and rescue operations because of their great sense of direction. This breed of dogs has the great ability to match and fight the Hokkaido Brown Bear. Though it is famous for brave things like fighting bears and returning home after finding its master, it also makes a great pet. It combines the roles of a pet and hunter very effectively. Hokkaido dogs can be great with children especially if they are brought up with children as puppies. So the best time to get a Hokkaido puppy is when your children are also small. These dogs can also be protective and aloof among strangers which make it an ideal guard dog. This dog is also always alert and suspicious.
  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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