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Blue Cane Corso

Blue Cane Corso - Information on the Dog Breed, Puppies, Temperament and Kennels For Blue Cane Corso Dog

Cane corsos, often also known as blue cane corsos or Italian mastiffs, are beautiful but rare Italian dogs that are known as guardians and protectors.

Blue cane corsos have a long and bloody history, as they were extensively used in bestial fights in the Roman arenas. These beautiful mastiffs were pitted against much fiercer animals like lions and tigers.

A blue cane corso is a large and muscular dog, known for its strength and sturdiness.

Like all mastiffs, the blue cane corso is also a strong guardian dog and serves as a great protector. These dogs, which were once used as war dogs and then as bug game hunters, are today popular and loved family pets.

Blue Cane Corso Puppies

Blue cane corsos have always been working dogs. Hunters used to take the help of these lithe and agile dogs for big game hunting.

These dogs were used for their agility, power, and excellent tracking skills. Once the dog caught the scent of large game, such as stags or wild boar, they would alert the hunters to it. Also, blue cane corso puppies were often raised on farms, among other farm animals, in order for them to socialize well. These puppies were then raised as guard dogs to guard the farm property as well as the livestock. The dogs were trained to hunt down any animal predators that came for the livestock or deter any thieves who came to steal the property.

Blue Cane Corso Temperament and Kennels

Blue cane corso temperament is like any other mastiff. However, they are extremely wise and can instinctively separate friends from foes. The mastiffs, apart from being great judges of characters, are instinctively suspicious of new comers into the house. They are extremely loyal to their human families, but are wary of strangers and take their own time to become friendly.

The Blue cane corso is also used as a show dog, where it is expected to display its courage, agility, strength, and tracking abilities. These elegant looking animals are great as companions and are known to be a great investment. This dog breed came very close to extinction after the Second World War, but was carefully nursed back to good numbers by animal lovers and the admirers of this athletic dog.

These dogs can be obtained from various blue cane corso kennels where they are exclusively bred according to the breed standards. These dogs are protective while being gentle, thus making for excellent watch dogs as well as family dogs.


  Submitted on December 13, 2011  

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