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Slovensky cuvac

Slovensky Cuvac Breed of Dog:

The Slovensky Cuvac dog is one of the most well documented dogs in the world.

The dog has been famous since the seventeenth century and has been documented since then. The dog was basically used to herd livestock but as wolves began to disappear from the mountainous regions of Europe, the dogs also began to disappear. In fact, the dog almost became extinct around the Second World War. However after the world war, enthusiasts revived the dog with a successful breeding program. After his efforts to revive the breed, Dr.

Antonin Hruza, the veterinary doctor who pioneered the revival of the slovensky cuvac pups, targeted its efforts in getting the dog internationally recognized.

The slovensky cuvac is a powerful dog with a muscular neck which is almost as long as its face. It has a wide chest with muscular hips and thighs. They have a dense tail which is covered with a long white coat. The coat of the dog is always white.

There are two layers of coat, one which is a dense undercoat and on top of it, a thick and long top coat. The slovensly cuvac looks a lot like the Kuvasz which though slightly larger, is a similar looking breed. Though revived, the slovensky cuvac is still considered rare. However, even though their numbers are not that large, the dog is quite popular throughout central Europe.

Even today, the function of the slovensky cuvac is to herd livestock. They are used to guard livestock against predators like wolves. They are also used to herd big game and are also used in many search and rescue operations.

The temperament of the dog is very calm. The dog represents power because of its muscular build. It is fearless when it is defending its territory. It likes to live in packs and when living with a human family, it considers the family its ‘pack’. The dog is extremely protective and loyal to the family. However, though affectionate, the dog can act quite reserved. The slovensky cuvac is quite suspicious of strangers and may not allow them entry into its territory. The slovensky cuvac are gentle with children and consider themselves to be their guardians. Since the dog is quite stubborn and independent, it can become extremely willful if not trained right from the beginning. If the slovensky cuvac puppies are trained correctly, they grow up to be obedient. Once taught something, this intelligent breed never forgets its training.

  Submitted on January 5, 2010  

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