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Greyhound Dogs:

Greyhound dogs are these amazing, archetypal hunting dogs.

Besides coursing game, these lovely animals have also been bred solely for the purpose of dog racing. These days, greyhounds are also simply kept as pets or as show dogs because of pedigree. When we talk about dogs that seem to be literally built for speed, the greyhound comes to mind.

The tapering muzzle and longish head is such that the stop all but disappears. You’ll recognize the greyhound by its beautiful long neck and deep chest which appear very graceful. Yet, the other half of the greyhound is powerfully built, with its arched loin.

The short coat of greyhounds is a little easier to maintain with simple care and it is quite smooth. Bloat might be a problem with your pet so smaller, frequent meals are better. Greyhound food has to be given a lot of thought as some could be averse or allergic to certain kinds of meat.

While greyhounds are sensitive and loyal, if you show too much meekness, they tend to get rather obstinate. Socialization of greyhounds while they’re still young is important to get greyhound puppies to open up and get over that reserved nature. If you or your child is looking for a less timid playmate, this breed is probably not the one you should opt for. Getting that greyhound puppy house broken shouldn’t pose much of a problem. The attachment that these greyhound dogs show towards those who care for them can be rather remarkable. You’ll understand why greyhounds are used for hunting as well as racing when you appreciate the fact that they can reach astounding sprint speeds such as those in excess of 60 kmh. This is the greyhound’s biggest asset. However, bear in mind that their hunting instincts might put them at odds with domesticated animals. Thus, if you have other animals, such as a pet cat to take care of, you might want to consider compatibility before you introduce a greyhound into the home place. The last thing you need is to buy a pedigree greyhound only to find that your Persian cats are frantically running scared. A downright heinous crime being perpetrated against greyhounds is the destruction of such beautiful animals after they have served their purpose in dog races. Keep in mind that, even if you are apprehensive about adopting such a rehabilitated greyhound, the even-tempered ones can still make very good home pets. With a life expectancy of around about 11 years, this dog can be a sensitive, loyal addition to your home.

  Submitted on December 24, 2009  

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