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Karelian Bear Laika

Karelian Bear Laika Dog Breed, Coat, Nature, Characteristics and Training

Karelian bear laika is a breed that is very close to the large dog known as the Karelian bear dog.

The dog gets its name from its close resemblance to a bear. The head of the dog is especially like a huge bear. The dog is popular in Russia and is used as a guardian for homes as well as livestock.

The Karelian bearlaika breed is regarded as a very important dog breed in Russia and is thus very popular.

Apart from being used as a guardian, the dog is also extensively used for hunting purposes. They are fearless in the hunting grounds and are used for hunting any animal, sometimes animals that may be much larger than themselves. These dogs have the tenacity and the courage to take on a bear as well, which makes them extremely useful as guardians.

The Karelian bear laika is considered a very useful dog due to its loyalty towards its family.

The dog is so loyal that it will readily sacrifice its own life to save its master’s. The dog, apart from being fearless, is also very agile and aggressive. These characteristics make it a great hunting dog. These dogs are also not prone to a lot of health risks, so lead a healthy and full life.

Ideally, the Karelian bear laika should be physically fit and agile. The Karelian bear laika dog has a complex coat. There are several layers of coat, the stiff hair on the top and a finer and softer coat under it. In the breed standards, curling of the fur is considered a serious flaw. The color of the dog should be black with slight markings that should not ideally exceed 30% of the surface area. The tail of the dog is bushy and is curled into a ring.

Initially, the Karelian bear laika was only used to hunt small animals like squirrels. However, its fearlessness and grit has made hunters use it for other purposes as well. The disposition of the dog is usually sweet, but proper dog training is required to maintain it. Ideally, the dogs should be bred adding characteristics of independence in order to ensure that the dog is able to hunt without its master. However, breeders recommend that the dog should hunt only with their masters and never with strangers or large groups.

Laikas make for extremely tenacious hunters that hunt silently. They are also known to keep their prey at bay for long time so that their master can come and kill it.
  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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