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Corkie - Information on the Dog Breed, Puppies, Breeders, Temperament and Grooming of Corkie Dogs

The corkie is a small sized hybrid dog that is the product of breeding between the Yorkshire terrier and American cocker spaniel.

The dog is also known by other names such as the Chi-yorkie or the Chorkie. Despite its small size the Corkie is not classified as a toy breed and they are usually known to weigh anywhere between  8 to 20 pounds and are 9  to 14 inches in height when measured at the shoulder.

Corkie Puppies and Breeders

Like any other hybrid breed, the traits could vary, as the offspring take on the characteristics of both parents, with one line being more dominant at times.

Corkie breeders will not be able to accurately state if the corkie puppies will be more like the Cocker spaniel or the yorkie parent in terms of the temperament as well as the appearance. The corkie dog is known to mostly have a long silky coat that is smooth and silky in texture and the coat may be available in various colors such as brown, white or even tan and black.

Corkie puppies are known to be very athletic dogs that are physically well built and sturdy. They are known to have very intelligent faces along with lively and energetic spirit. With regards to its temperament, the corkie dog is a very loving and energetic hybrid that is also very trainable and obedient at the same time.

Temperament and Grooming of Corkie Dogs

The corkie is known to be an ideal dog for single individuals as well as families as they are known to adjust well in either case. Corkies are also excellent with children because of their social and playful temperament. Like any other dog, it is advisable to encourage the corkie puppy to get trained and be socialized at an early age itself. This is because some corkies are known to be more protective and territorial. Corkie dogs will also require regular but not very intensive dog grooming which should be done at least thrice a week as they have a very low maintenance silky coat. While deciding on adopting a corkie dog you should also bear in mind that the eyes of this dog breed are prone to infections and tearing which is a common trait in both of its parents. Hence you would be required to clean the eyes with a damp cloth from time to time. Corkies are also known to develop problems with their knee and elbow joints and hence they should be discouraged from jumping on and off furniture. Similarly, the outer hair around the corkies ears should also be trimmed from time to time as otherwise it may lead to a wax build up.


  Submitted on December 12, 2011  

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