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Redbone coonhound

Redbone coonhound pet dog breed, training redbone coonhound puppies

The Redbone Coonhound dog is a hunting breed which is widely used to hunt cougar, bear, and raccoon.

They are an agile breed from the coonhound family and are suitable for hunting in swampy and marshy lands, as well as on mountains. The redbone coonhound is known as the only solid colored member of the coonhound family.

Though they are mainly used on marshy and swampy lands, many of them are successfully used on water too. The lean and muscular frame of the breed makes it suitable for hunting on both land and water.

They are well proportioned and they hold both their head and tail high. They have hazel or brown eyes and long droopy ears. They bear a sad and pleasing expression because of which they often get their way.

The coat of the Redbone coonhound dog is very short and close to the body.

It is smooth to touch but is able to give protection to the dog when it is hunting. Their paws have thick pads and you may often see a dewclaw. Their coat is always a rich red in color and they have a black nose. Some dogs may have white marks on the chest or black fur on the face. However, this is considered a flaw in the breed. The toes of the dog are webbed because of which the dog is considered an excellent swimmer.

The redbone coonhound is a family pet and loves to be physically close to its family. They are most satisfied when they are near their human families and even if they are not doing any particular activity, they will just sit and watch their owners and families. If a redbone coonhound is left out of any family activity or play, it often gets heartbroken or depressed. They are very excitable, warm, and faithful. They always leap towards their masters to greet them and like to lick their owners all over. Unlike some of the other dogs that typically respond to only one master, the redbone coonhound is the entire family's dog and loves to shower everyone with love and attention.

However, redbone coonhound puppies grow up into large dogs, never realizing how large they are. Due to this, they are likely to knock over small children and elderly in an attempt to show their affection. If they are not trained properly, they may turn out to be very boisterous. This is the reason that redbone coonhound training is highly emphasized. The dog is also extremely vocal and training is required to tone it down and make it obey its master's orders.

  Submitted on October 13, 2009  

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