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Carolina Dog

Carolina Dog - Information on the Breed, Puppies, Breeders, Behavior, Training and Rescue

The Carolina Dog bears a very strong resemblance to the dingo.

The features that set this breed of dogs apart from most others are the very features that help it survive in the forests and swamps. The Carolina Dog is of a medium length and has a very straight back. Its chest is exceptionally well developed with a tucked away belly. This dog has a powerful jaw and is very toned and muscular.

Its tail is distinctive, in that it is fish hooked, but the positioning of the tail changes, depending on the mood of the dog.

Carolina Puppies, Nature and Breeders

The Carolina dog is usually a red ginger color. It has pale buff colorings on the side of its muzzle and also on its shoulders. Some of the other color variations of this dog include Beige, Tan, Desert Sand, Red sable and Yellow Orange.

The Carolina Dog is a natural and strong animal that is very hardy and quite capable of surviving out in the wild. Their grooming requirements are negligible as their fur does not need to be trimmed. The Carolina Dog is rather fascinating and of great interest to dog enthusiasts because of its close association to primitive dogs. This is not because of breeding techniques, but because of its natural instincts for survival in the wild. It survives in South Carolina and also in Georgia savannahs and swamps. This dog has been found to amenable to being domesticated and hence Carolina dog breeders are gaining popularity. They are mostly shy when around people. When Carolina dog puppies are socialized at an early age however, they can prove to be the ideal, loyal companion.

Carolina Dog Behavior, Training and Rescue

Carolina dog training involves teaching them to integrate well with the family. These dogs are not very aggressive and this Carolina Dog behavior trait makes them particularly popular. They do posses a good hunting instinct however. Carolina dog rescue shelters can be located on websites and vet journals.  It is generally believed that the Carolina Dog breed is a direct descendant of pariah dogs from ancient times that used to accompany Asians travelling across Bering Straits almost 8000 years ago. These dogs were probably amongst the earliest to be domesticated. The common nick name “old yeller”, was bestowed upon these dogs because of the color of their coat. The Indians traditionally used these dogs as herding dogs.  Scientists have observed that there exist similarities between the bone structure of these dogs and that of the Neolithic dog bones and also the Dingo dog bones.
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