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English toy spaniel

English Toy Spaniel Breed of Dog:

The English toy spaniel breed, also known as the King Charles spaniels, are dogs from the spaniel breed and are of much smaller sizes than when compared to most dogs from this category.

The English toy spaniel dogs have a very striking appearance and their facial features are very similar to that of a pug. One of the most noticeable features about the English toy spaniel breed is the deep pug nose, with black and very open nostrils.

The dog also possesses the long, flowing coat of the main spaniel breed with a lot of fringes around its underside, paws and ears. The ears are rather large and the relatively small face may cause them to look rather disproportionate to the rest of the animal’s body.  These dogs have always been bred to primarily be pets rather than hunting dogs as with most of the other dogs classified in the spaniel category.

The dog derives its name from the fact that the English toy spaniel breed was King Charles II (of the English monarchy) favorite animal. The English toy spaniel breed comes in a variety of colors ranging from Blenheim with some red markings to a ruby shade with some white hair as well as a white patch around the chest area.

The temperament of English toy spaniel dog sees it as usually a very playful and loving pet. The dogs have a decent amount of intelligence and obedience but it is essential that they are handled by an individual with a strong presence in order to make them fall in line and follow any rules. While their skills as a watchdog are quite decent, they are better suited to be companions of children or the owners. If handled by a meek owner, the animal is likely to develop some sort of small dog syndrome and start to believe that it is the leader of the pack. This could lad to a number of various behavior issues and excessive barking. This could even possibly progress to such a level that the dogs become significantly possessive about certain things and even lose their trust in the owner or children.

The English toy spaniel dog requires its daily walk but will adapt easily to small apartment spaces. They usually have a lifespan of about 10 to 12 years under optimum conditions. The breed is known to suffer from a number of health problems including heart disease, ear infections and eye problems.

  Submitted on December 29, 2009  

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