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Dunker Dog Breed, Puppy, Nature, Health, Coat and Information

The dunker dog breed is known to be a strong structured and a medium sized dog that has very gentle manners and also has a well balanced temperament.

As per dunker dog information, the dunker dog breed is also known as the Norwegian hound and is known to be a very elegant dog breed. The dunker dog breed tends to exhibit the rippling muscles of the scent hound as well as the sleekness of the sight hound.

A dunker puppy can be easily identified on account of its unique coloring and appearance that tends to exude great endurance as well as power. The dunker dog breed is one of the hound dog breed that is a very popular home companion for many people across the world.

Those looking to adopt and raise a dunker puppy should keep in mind that training the dunker dog breed may be quite challenging on account of its independent and strong willed nature.

This breed of dogs however tends to get along very well with other dogs as well and can thus easily adjust with other family pets. The dunker dog breed is also characterised by its dark round eyes that tend to give it a serious yet calm expression. The muzzle of the dunker dog breed is long and square and it also tends to have wide open nostril on a dark black nose. The coat of the dunker dog breed is dense and straight and is usually rough to touch. This coat of this dog breed is usually found in two shades which are a warm brown or tan coat or a blue coat that will typically have a marbled pattern. Although as mentioned earlier, the dunker dog breed gets along with other family pets, one should be careful not to leave small pets unsupervised with this dog breed as they have a very string instinct to hunt and may mistake the family pet for a small prey. The dunker dog breed is also known to make an excellent companion for those who like to go on long walks as this breed enjoys regular exercise. As far as their health is concerned dogs and puppies of the dunker dog breed generally do not have any breed specific medical conditions that they are prone too, however some of the dogs of this breed are known to suffer from hip dysplasia from time to time.
  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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