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Mixed dog breed

Mixed Breed of Dogs:

Dogs with parents and ancestors of different breeds of dogs or having characteristics of two or more types of breeds are known as mixed breed dogs.

They are less expensive as compared to a dog of a specific breed better known as pure breed dogs. As they have parents or ancestors of different breeds they may look different from the traditional breeds.

People often do get confused between a mix dog breed and a cross dog breed. A cross dog breed refers to an animal with pure breed parents of two different breeds, varieties, or populations.

Mixed Dog breed color is generally light brown or black and they weigh in at approximately 18 kgs that is 40lb.

Their height would be between 15 and 23 inches tall. It could be difficult even for a knowledgeable dog observer to identify a mixed breed because they have much more genetic variation as compared to pure breed dogs. The most famous and favorite dog mixes include the Chug or Pugwawa (Chihuahua/Pug), Chion (Chihuahua/Papillon), Shih-Shon (ShihTzu/BichonFrise), Chorky (Chihuahua/Yorkie), and the Golden Retriever/Labrador mix which is the most famous among all. A mixed breed dog is like a pure bred dog; loving friendly, faithful, and they are great companions, and good at work. However, a person may prefer a pure breed only because of the fact that they cannot be shown at AKC licensed dog shows. A mixed breed dog can grow to any size or height as we do not know much about their parentage and we could be quite surprised by the overall shape and size of the dog. Also, the dog may grow to look quite different from what it was as a puppy. As their parents are of different breeds their temperaments can be different from one another. In other words no two mixed breeds can necessarily have the same temperament or personality unless you know the parents which will only help you to predict a little bit.

Mixed breed dogs can be treated just as any pure breed dog, taken for long walks, playing games like hide and seek and fetch are some things they enjoy, bathed once a week, and you will also need to groom them. One of the problems you could face with a mixed breed dog is that you would not know if it has any ancestral health problems. In case you decide to get a mixed breed dog home you could try and find out as much as possible about its parentage which will help in finding out about its traits, personality and growth to some extent.  

  Submitted on May 7, 2010  

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