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Boshih - Information on the Dog Breed, Puppies, Color, Training and Grooming

The Boshih breed is a cross breed of dogs between the Boston Terrier and the Shih-Tzu breed of dogs.

Like many other such dogs, the Boshih breed is known as a designer breed as it is produced through human intervention. The Boshih breed is a breed of small dogs as both the Boston Terrier and the Shih-Tzu breeds are small size dogs. This makes the Boshih a great pet to have in an urban domestic environment.

As with all other small dogs, the Boshih is comfortable in an urban setting with a small area of the house set aside for it to sleep and eat.

Boshih Puppies, Training and Grooming

Boshih puppies are extremely playful and are fairly intelligent. Training begins at a young age with the dogs being quite receptive to instructions. The character of the Boshih breed means that the dogs are always happy to please their owners.

The reinforcement method of training therefore works brilliantly with Boshih dogs. Any affection shown towards the dog by family members will reinforce its good behavior. Similarly, the dog will understand when it is being scolded and when it has done something that it should not have done. This further enhances the suitability of the Boshih to an urban environment.

The Boshih dog tends to have long hair that is either black or white in color. This is dependent on the combination of genetics and the resulting mix that reaches the puppy. When seeking Boshih information, a potential pet owner must check through the history of both families of the dog. Boshih dogs are produced from pure bred Boston Terriers as well as pure bred Shih-Tzu dogs. One must examine the history of both these breeds to determine what medical problems the dog could be prone to.

The hair of the Boshih dog can be somewhat of a problem for domestic pet owners. Like its ancestor breeds, the Boshih dog is prone to shedding hair that may be visible on furniture in the house as well as on the floor. Regular dog grooming will help to reduce hair fall but this is a problem that the owner must face on a day to day basis. Individuals who have an allergy to pets may react more violently to this type of dog breed. One should check for Boshih information relating to allergies experienced by dog owners or by people who come into contact with this breed of dog.
  Submitted on October 11, 2011  

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