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Italian greyhound

About Italian Greyhound:

As their name suggests, Italian greyhound dogs originated from Italy and they have a history spanning well over 2000 years.

Italian greyhounds are considered to be one of the 1st breeds that were bred as companions in ancient times. They became popular with the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Italian Greyhounds are very slender; in fact they are the smallest among the sight hounds. A full grown dog averages about 14-16 inches in terms of height.

When it comes to weight, it ranges between 9 to 13 pounds. They have a short, close glossy coat. The color of these dogs can vary, in that they may be black, blue, cream, red, fawn as well as other colors. At times they may also have patches.

Italian Greyhounds have slender legs, long muzzles, and sweet and alert expressions.

This dog is ideal for those who are pressed on time, as they require very little time to be spent on grooming. Their glossy coats require occasional brushing. In fact rubbing their coat gently with a damp, soft cloth will help in keeping their coat lustrous. In addition, these dogs do not shed a lot and hence, are great for those that have allergies. Italian greyhounds, when they want, can be rather playful and spirited, but they can also be extremely gentle, quite and affectionate. These dogs possess a very friendly and amicable disposition; however some of these dogs tend to be inclined towards timidity. In order to avoid this, it is important to socialize them for the very start. Italian greyhound training could prove to be a challenge due to their slightly sensitive and stubborn nature.

Even though Italian Greyhounds love being stroked and receiving affection, one should avoid creeping up on them suddenly or touching them suddenly, as they tend to get easily startled. Italian greyhound puppies are more energetic and playful as compared to the older and matured dogs. Their energy levels tend to sober down as they grow older. Their slender legs make them incredibly fast and in addition to this, they also make them great jumpers. On account of this reason, make sure that their exercising area is securely fenced. Italian greyhounds make very good watch dogs. Their genteel nature appeals to children and they get along well with them. Having other pets around in the house will not be a problem, as these dogs tend to get along with other animals as well. You may need to be a bit wary around smaller animals.
  Submitted on November 25, 2009  

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