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English Pointer

English Pointer Dog Breed, Puppies, Temperament, Training, Intelligence and Information

The English Pointer is known to be that breed of dog which is one of the several pointing breeds that were initially developed as gun dogs.

As per the English Pointer information that is available for this breed of dogs with reference to the grooming requirements, English Pointer dogs need minimal grooming because  their coat is very short and they should ideally be brushed  form time to time so as to minimise shedding. The English Pointer is also known to be graceful and athletic in its movements.

The English Pointer puppies are typically found in standard colors of lemon and white or black and white, orange and white and even liver and white. In most cases the overall body of the English Pointer is known to be mostly white in color with some distinct markings.  Information pertaining to the English Pointer temperament states that this dog breed is known to be congenial dogs that enjoy spending time with their family indoors and are also even tempered.

In fact the English Pointer is known to be loyal and affectionate and have almost non- existent to extremely low levels of aggression and hence this allows the English Pointer to coexist happily with other animals and even cats in some cases. Experts claim that English Pointer training should typically include commands such as point wherein the dog will locate the game and then point to its presence. Similarly, English Pointer dog training should also include the command known as honor to be used to get the dog to immediately stop in a pointing stance when it reaches the game. Although the English Pointer is not typically bred and trained to retrieve the game once it has been shot, they can however if required be trained to do so  easily because of the famous English Pointer intelligence. On account of their excellent temperament the English Pointer is known to be very good with children however one should ensure that the English Pointer should not be left alone with very young children. For those who are planning on adopting English Pointer puppies as pets and not for hunting should keep in mind that this breed of dogs requires plenty of exercise which is the same for all such sporting breeds. If the English Pointer is left on its own indoors it will be found most often lounging on the family couch  or chairs  which is basically their way of expressing their need to be one of their human pack.

  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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