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English cocker spaniel

English Cocker Spaniel Breed of Dog:

English cocker spaniels dogs are rather short, but very active and good natured dogs.

History shows that the breed was originally used as hunting dogs, although the game that was chased usually revolved around woodcocks (hence the name cocker spaniel) and other small animals. The English cocker spaniel dog is actually quite strong and aggressive, although this is more in proportion with its size rather than its ability to stand up to any bigger dogs or aggressively deals with any threat from strangers. One of its most lovable features is the fact that its rather small size does not prevent it from attempting to be a guard dog as well as a ferocious protector of its master.

Looking at the animal will show it to be intelligent and alert. The breed is categorized into two types owing mainly to its overall adult size. The English cocker spaniel grows to be relatively larger than its United States of America counterpart.

Studies have also shown that the English variety of cocker spaniels tend to have a longer life expectancy of about 12 to 15 years. The dogs can tend to develop an alpha dog syndrome if being allowed their way on frequent occasions. The simple act of letting the dog walk ahead of the master can contribute significantly to the development of an alpha dog syndrome in the canine. Always make sure the dog walks and heels behind you whenever going out for a walk. While the dogs are very comfortable with living in a small apartment, they need to be exercised regularly and a daily walk is extremely imperative. Given the character of their coat and stringy hair, grooming is a very important part of their maintenance. Regularly comb their coat to prevent any matting of the hair as well as restoring shine to the hair while removing any dust particles. Its overall characteristics make English cocker spaniel training a rather straightforward process.

English cocker spaniel dogs are known to be very prone to ear infections and their ears should be checked and cleaned regularly. Due to their low ground clearance, hey are also very prone to ticks and burr – which may also lead to deafness. While meat is a very important part of a cocker spaniels diet, it should also be fed significant quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid any fatty meats or foods that contain high levels of cholesterol as they will promote the development of fatty deposits in the animal’s body.

  Submitted on December 29, 2009  

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