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Corgidor - Information on the Dog Breed, Puppies, Breeders, Physical Structure, Temperament and Cost of Corgidor Dog

The Corgidor is a breed that has been developed by breeding the Labrador retriever and the corgi.

Typically, corgis are known to be very active dogs that were bred to herd cattle. As with any mixed breed, the dog displays traits of both the parent breeds, so it would be a good idea to begin your search for corgidor information by researching the parent breeds.

Corgidor Puppies and Breeders

The shepherding trait of the corgi is also observed in corgidor puppies that are known to be very confident and independent.

On the other hand, the Labrador retriever is known to be relatively larger in size, with the males being almost 62 cms in height and the females going up to 60 cms in height. Corgidor dogs are also very intelligent and are relatively easy to train.

While purchasing corgidor puppies from registered corgidor breeders, you will typically receive corgidor information pertaining to their physical structure and temperament so that you can then decide if this dog breed is best suited for your family and house.  The corgidor dog is usually slightly taller than a corgi and just like a corgi they have a very playful and happy disposition.

Physical Structure, Temperament and Cost of Corgidor Dogs

Corgidor puppies are known to make excellent family dogs as they get very attached to their family members, and their playful temperament also results in them being very good companions for children. Corgidor dogs are also good with children or older people as they do not get provoked easily and are generally very tolerant and protective of their human families. Corgidor dogs are excellent swimmers and this trait is even stronger if they inherit the webbed feet from their Labrador retriever parentage. In such cases, the corgidor dog will enjoy retrieving for hours together and will also be more than willing to play for long periods of time. The mouth of the corgidor is usually soft and they have a medium sized stocky overall physical structure. As the corgidor dog has a medium length coat, there is no requirement for intensive grooming. Instead you need to simply brush their coat lightly at least once a week as they tend to shed a lot. This is mostly because like the Labrador retriever, the corgidors coat is dense and short and will also be water resistant. This basically means that the corgidor dog has a naturally oily coat that allows the water to slide off.  Most corgidors will weigh almost 50 pounds once fully grown.

Anyone interested in purchasing corgidor puppies should keep in mind that most well bred corgidor puppies would cost in the range of 300 to 400 US dollars.


  Submitted on December 12, 2011  

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