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Portuguese pointer

Portuguese Pointer Breed of Dog:

The Portuguese pointer is a particular breed of dog that was originally developed as an assistant to help hunters in finding and retrieving their game.

Such hunting dogs are referred to as gun dogs. The Portuguese pointer is a pointer breed and is specifically used in hunting red-legged partridges. One of the most important qualities of a Portuguese pointer dog is its affectionate and friendly temperament, to the extent that their adulation of their masters is almost unwavering.

Hence they make excellent and top-quality house dogs and are especially well suited for children as compared to most other breeds.

Portuguese pointer puppies are born with short fur which maybe coarse and dense throughout the body but is quite velvety and soft on the head. A Portuguese pointer puppy maybe colored yellow or chestnut and may sometimes have white markings such as in an Irish pattern.

Their ears are floppy and drop down on the sides while their eyes are large, dark and soulful. Complementing their adorable appearance is their wonderful personality which makes them such excellent hunting companions as they are ever ready and eager to retrieve game for their masters and hunt with the greatest joy, at the instance of their master's command.

A Portuguese pointer needs a good brush every couple of days and also a thorough rub-down that can help them to keep looking good. Fortunately Portuguese pointers are low in maintenance due to their short coats. For the long coated Portuguese pointers, they require intense and thorough brushing in order to keep their fur free from tangles and matting. Some of the special needs of a Portuguese pointer are attention and exercise. A Portuguese pointer loves to be outdoors but demands high attention and requires intense exercise and plenty of walks as well as games to keep it fit and running. Given the requirements, a Portuguese pointer is not meant to live in an apartment but needs an active family with a large house and plenty of space outdoors especially in the courtyard.

Portuguese pointer dogs are highly active and persistent and love physical contact but also need plenty of attention. They make for intense hunters and are also obedient to training. On the whole the Portuguese pointer makes for an excellent hunting dog friendly enough to blend with all the members of the family. Due to their excellent qualities Portuguese pointers double up as a hunting dog has well as a home pet. But considering its affectionate and friendly temperament it may not exactly make up for an excellent guard dog. Originally Portuguese pointers were bred as bird hunters and were believed to have descended from Segugio Hounds and the Assyrian Mastiff. Today, they are better known across the United States and outside their native Portugal as hunting dogs with an unbelievable personality.

  Submitted on December 24, 2009  

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