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Pumi Breed of Dog:

Origin: The Pumi dog breed has its origin in Hungary as a descendant of the Puli.

It was developed during the eighteenth century as a hybrid of the Puli and the German spitz hound. The Pumi was used to guard and manage the herds of cattle, sheep, and pigs. During and after the Second World War, the Pumi breed of dogs almost faced extinction. They were saved by a couple of Hungarian pet enthusiasts who helped keep the breed in existence.

Today the Pumi is found all over the world in Europe and North America, winning trophies at dog shows.

Appearance: Pumi dogs have a thick coat of fur and come in solid colors of white, black and rusty brown. It has a double coat and sheds very little. The undercoat is a little soft and the outer one is coarse textured.

The male Pumi stands at anywhere between 16 and 18 inches, while the female Pumi is approximately 15 to 17 inches tall. The average weight of a male Pumi dog is around 22 to 33 pounds and the female weighs about 18 to 26 pounds. The muzzle is of an odd shape and goes back to the round head. The Pumi has a thick neck along with a broad chest and a deep-set stomach. Most of the Pumi dogs have deep brown eyes and ears folded on top of their heads.

Temperament: The Pumi is a highly active and an energetic dog breed. It is one of the most family friendly breeds. At the same time it is in a Pumi’s nature not to get along very well with the strangers. There are times when this breed tends to get quite aggressive and if you have kids that tend to harass the dog then it would be best to keep interaction to a minimum. Believe it or not, but it is a very tough thing to keep your Pumi quiet. This happens to one of the reasons why a Pumi makes such a wonderful watchdog. The breed is bold, restless, and independent. Pumis are very likely to get bored if you don’t involve them in some form of activity or the other. The Pumi dog breed is the one that seeks a lot of attention and if that doesn’t happen, then it feels lonely and lost. Another highly appreciated quality of a Pumi is that it is very protective about its family.

Grooming:  The kind of coat that a Pumi dog has requires regular brushing or combing to prevent it from becoming matted. The hair in and around their ears needs to be trimmed regularly. As the Pumi is full of energy, it is advisable to offer it vigorous exercise sessions to vent. Failure to do so will incite it to get into destructive behavior. If you are a Pumi owner then you should be prepared to make adequate time to train and socialize the dog.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010  

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