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Bichon bolognese

Bichon Bolognese Breed of Dog:

The Bolognese dog, also known as the Bichon Bolognese dog or the Italian Bolognese dog, is a small breed of the Bichon type that was developed in Italy.

Bichon are dogs that have descended from the Poodle and similar breeds, and are typically small to medium sized dogs with rather long fur that does not shed much, short muzzles, drop ears, and rather large, round, dark eyes that very often can hardly be seen because of the fur covering them. The Bolognese dog breed has most of these characteristics – it is just about 12 inches in height and weighs no more than 4 kilograms. These dogs have a squarish but compact build, a single coat of pure white, wooly fur, round black eyes, and black nose.

The coat is curly enough to form ringlets, and never has true feathering or fringes. The Bolognese dog is not exactly “non-shedding”, although it is sometimes described as such. However, it does not shed much, and is often suitable for people who are allergic to dog fur.

Unlike most small breeds, the Bichon Bolognese dog tends to be rather calm and docile in its temperament.

This is of course not to say that it is not a playful dog. These dogs are quite happy to run around and play, and enjoy human company. However, like most small breeds, they are susceptible to behavioral problems – not because of any inherent flaw, but because of the way people tend to treat such dogs. While it is fine, and in fact desirable, to be affectionate with your dog, you should also be firm and provide discipline and leadership. You must consistently indicate what is desirable and what is not desirable. Dog obedience training should begin from a young age, and the dog must not be pampered simply because it is cute and small. Socialization is also very important – due to a combination of their small size and the effects of overprotective owners, these dogs often become nervous. Aggression could also arise from this nervousness. Get your Bolognese dog used to a variety of people, pets, sights, and sounds, right from the time it is a puppy.

The Bichon Bolognese dog is not much trouble as far as exercise goes, but do not forget that it does require a daily walk and time to play. Grooming however takes more effort – daily brushing is advisable, and in addition professional grooming may be needed once a month or so.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010  

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