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Boglen Terrier

Boglen Terrier

Boglen terrier is a hybrid between a beagle and Boston terrier.

Boglen terriers are strong dogs and love challenges and risks; they are courageous and not known to be timid. Boglen terriers are fun to be around, and they are playful and friendly. They are great family dogs and do extremely well with kids. They are good natured, but if not socialized, become loners and apprehensive of people around.

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Boglen terriers are small, yet muscular. An average boglen terrier weighs between 25 and 40 pounds. They have a square shaped head and large and floppy eyes. In fact, the eyes of boglen terriers resemble those of Boston terriers, protruding with intermittent teary discharge.

They have long front legs and a long tail. Bolgen terriers also have a great sense of smell, a trait passed on from the beagle. Boglen terriers require minimal dog grooming as they have short coat, which is less furry and is smooth.  In fact, they are considered low shedding dogs, and as such, boglen terriers are a low maintenance breed.

Boglen terriers may be small in size but are voracious eaters. They are an energetic dog breed, and as such, require additional calories to sustain. They like temperate climates and may be averse to rains. Boglen terriers need strenuous physical exercise to keep them calm and under control. This is because their energy has to be utilized, and if accumulated, may lead to difficulties for the owner of the pet. You may take them for regular walks and keep them engaged in playing around the house with the kids.

Boglen terriers are intelligent dogs, and they learn basic skills easily. However, they may be stubborn at times, and as a result, consistent training is a must. Boglen terriers are good at high jumps despite their short height. Since boglen terriers are a very enthusiastic and agile breed, they get easily bored. Hence, you need to keep them occupied in activities. Boglen terrier puppies require a lot of attention; otherwise, they may create a mess in the house.

Boglen terriers are generally a healthy breed of dogs, and they not prone to serious physical ailments. In case of health issues, you must consult a veterinary doctor for diagnosis of the condition and expert advice on treatment.

If you are a pet owner and have boglen terrier puppies for sale, you may put up an advertisement on the Internet or may contact boglen terrier breeders. For more boglen terrier information, you may contact your local pet store or kennel club.
  Submitted on September 13, 2011  

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