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Karelo Finnish Laika

Karelo Finnish Laika Dog Breed, Puppies, Information, Nature, Color and Training

The Karelo Finnish Laika is a Russian breed and a close relative of the Finnish Spitz.

Both breeds originated from similar native dog breeds. The karelo finnish laika breed is described in Finnish folklore as a combination of a Nordic type breed and a fox. The breed gets its fox-like appearance due to the muzzle. It is possible that the karelo finnish laika and the Finnish Spitz were once the same breed. The difference may have been established when stricter national parameters were drawn up.

The label Laika is used to refer to a type of hunting dog from Russian Siberia and Northern Russia. The term can be applied to various breeds. Here is some additional karelo finnish laika information.

The karelo finnish laika dog matures quickly but still retains its puppy-like enthusiasm and excitability. This dog loves pleasing his owners. Karelo Finnish Laika dogs also make excellent hunters.

It is necessary to discipline these dogs in a firm and fair manner so that they behave well. Karelo Finnish Laikas weigh around 26 to 35 pounds and grow to a height of 15 to 19 inches. They have dense coats of different shades of red. The color is lighter around the cheeks, chin, lower chest, tip of the tail and insides of the ears. The chest and tail tip may have white spots. They are friendly, affectionate animals and make wonderful family dogs. However they can be mistrustful of strangers. They usually bark when a stranger approaches. In fact, this dog breed is considered to be the most excitable among Russian Laikas and tend to bark for the slightest reason. Karelo Finnish Laikas may also become aggressive to unfamiliar dogs. But they do get along well with other dogs and pets within the same household.

Due to the small size of the breed, is it convenient to keep them indoors. All laika breeds love new games and the karelo finnish laika is no exception. They keep themselves busy with squirrels and grouses. Some of the dogs may dislike swimming. Training of karelo finnish laika puppies should begin as soon as they brought home. These dogs have a sensitive nature and hence must be handled with patience during training. Harsh treatment should never be meted out to them. Owners can do the training themselves or hire a professional trainer. Dog training is of two types, behavioral training and obedience training. It is important for the training to be consistent in order to be effective.
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