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Labrador Husky

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The Labrador Husky can be described as a rare and purebred breed of dogs, which bears a strong resemblance to a wolf.

Due to their appearance, most people believe that these dogs are a crossbreed, but this is not really true. The Labrador Husky originated from the Coastal Labrador and belongs to a northern group of dogs. In the earlier days, these dogs were mainly used as sled dogs since they served the main purpose of carrying heavy loads.

This practice was followed by the natives, till snowmobiles became popular and dogs were no longer needed to pull sleds and heavy loads.

The Labrador Husky is a fairly large dog, as its height can be anywhere between 20 and 28 inches and can weigh around 60 to 100 pounds. They have a double layer of coat, which protects them from the harsh elements.

The colors of the coat could vary, from full black to full white or even in mixed colors, such as black and white, gray and white and red and white. These dogs have a round head and a narrow muzzle and their chest is wide and deep. Their body is thick and is covered by fur completely. Like many other breeds, the Labrador Husky dog breed has triangular ears. Their legs have solid and heavy bones.

Being a pack animal by nature, the Labrador Husky loves to work side by side with other dogs. Due to their size most people assume that they are quite aggressive, but this is not necessarily true. These dogs are highly intelligent and therefore, are very trainable. Therefore, it is important for pet owners to start training Labrador husky puppies as early as possible, to minimize the display of unfavorable behavior, growling and biting. If they are not trained in the right way, these dogs can be quite unfriendly and perhaps even aggressive, especially to strangers. However, contrary to what most of the people believe, these dogs make great pets and can even be kept in a house where there are children. However, dogs that belong to the Labrador husky breed need to be taken for a long walk everyday.

There is a lot of additional Labrador husky information easily available through pet articles and online resources. However, pet owners are strongly advised to consult a vet or preferably, professional Labrador husky breeders for more accurate information on looking after the dogs that belong to this breed.

  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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