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Japanese chin

Japanese Chin Dogs:

Japanese Chins are cute, compact and small dogs that have a sweet face.

They have a thick, straight, soft and long coat that is generally black and white. However this color is not a set standard and the coat may at times be different shades of white and red. These dogs have short muzzles and silky long ears, which frame their face perfectly. Apart from this, their tails form a feathered plume.

In terms of height, these dogs grow to about eleven inches and weigh about seven pounds. Even though they have a silky and lustrous coat, Japanese chins require a low level of maintenance. All one needs to do is brush their coat well twice a week, so as to keep it looking healthy and clean. Frequency of brushing however may need to be increased when these dogs are shedding more than normal.

Japanese chins are constant shedders, and hence, not suitable for individuals with allergies. It is necessary to trim their hair regularly, particularly around their bottom, mainly for hygiene purposes. One will also need to ensure that their ears are clean and dry, in order to prevent any infection.

Affectionate and gentle, yet greatly spirited and playful, Japanese chins are small dogs that have a big personalities. Their loving nature makes them great companions, and they enjoy giving as well as receiving attention. These dogs love to be cuddled and pampered. People that choose to go in for this particular breed of dog should be prepared to shower a lot of attention on them, in terms of affection. This is because these dogs thrive on love and attention from their owners. Japanese chin training is quite easy, as they are an intelligent and responsive breed. They are suitable for those that have not had any prior experience with dogs.  Japanese chin puppies are extremely playful and they love taking part in various family activities.

These dogs are climbers, so do not be surprised if you find them climbing and scaling your furniture. Even though they are small in size they do not appreciate rough handling. This is why they get along well with older children as compared to younger ones. They will get along pretty well with your other pets, due to their amicable nature. Furthermore, on account of their size they are best suited for apartments as they do not require too much of exercise. A Japanese chin dog has a life span of approximately 14 years.
  Submitted on November 25, 2009  

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