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Big dogs

Biggest Dog Breed:

Different people have different preferences, especially when it comes to keeping a pet.

While some people may fancy snakes and other reptiles, most people are quite content with a loving and playful dog that not only serves the purpose of companionship, but also fills the household with love and joy. However, getting a dog can be very challenging decision. Dogs need attention, time, and money. Therefore, there are a lot of things you may need to consider before you even decide on getting yourself a dog.

Dogs are wonderful animals and will love you and serve you; however, if you do not take care of them properly, you may end up with an aggressive and willful dog on your hands. Chances are, you may not like this kind of situation.

Dogs are classified into a number of categories. They are classified according to their function, breed, and size.

Each of these dogs has different temperaments, personalities, and most importantly, needs. If you are not the kind of person who loves physical exercise and enjoys spending time with your family and pets, it is best that you reconsider buying a dog for your family. There are many other considerations that you have to think about before getting a dog.

Dogs require grooming and frequent visits to the veterinarian. If you are sure you can handle this both in terms of time and expenses, you should go ahead with buying a dog. If you have decided on buying a big dog breed as most people often do, you must first think about the space requirements. While a small dog and a mid-sized dog are easy to accommodate in an apartment, it is almost impossible to accommodate a large dog breed or a giant breed in a small space. If you live in the country or have a big house where there is enough space for the dog to roam around and play, a big dog will be ideal for you.

Big dog breeds, contrary to popular belief, are usually very friendly and even tempered. A huge dog breed is often mistaken to be aggressive just because of its sheer size. However, the truth is that big dogs are usually gentler than others. They are friendlier and have many other advantages as far as their temperament is concerned. However, with a bigger dog breed, there is an increased possibility of finding hair all over your house and an occasional broken household object, which gets knocked down by the big dog. A large dog breed is usually great for kids. Since, larger dogs are both playful and kind, children enjoy them much more. However, if the child is very small, the dog may accidentally knock the child over.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010  

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