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Bull terrier

Bull terrier dog, characteristic, temperament, personality and history

The Bull Terrier is a member of the terrier family.

Its most recognizable feature is its head. The dog's head is of a characteristic egg shape. The eyes are triangular and narrow giving the dog a peculiar look.

In fact the bull terriers' appearance is quite distinct with its all rounded body and a jaunty gait. Due to its appearance, it is also often known as 'the gladiator of the canine race'.

The bull terriers' temperament is often compared to that of a bully. The dogs are not only difficult to train but are also very powerful.

The sheer power of the dogs can cause trouble for first time pet owners. It is because of this reason that first time owners are recommended to steer clear of this breed.

Right from birth, a bull terrier puppy is strong and intelligent. The combination of their strength and intelligence makes them an ideal pet but because they are so difficult to train, they are not very popular amongst families.

The bull terrier personality is known for its stubbornness. All of the bull terrier breeds are equally strong willed and require a lot of disciplining on the part of the owner. Even if a bull terrier dog seems to be playful at first, it should not be mistaken to be so. It may turn out to be extremely aggressive. However, even though they are willful and aggressive, they are extremely affectionate. Still, they should be kept away from the children who may get injured inadvertently by this strong dog.

Bull terriers also do not mix well with other breeds of dogs and animals. A pack of these bull terriers can be extremely vicious and will attack any animal that inadvertently stroll into its territory.

The bull terriers' history is quite interesting though. Earlier known as the Bulldog terrier, this cross between the bulldog and terrier was first meant to catch rodents and play in animal sports. However, the initial bull terriers were a cross of the Old English Bulldog, which is now extinct, with the English Terrier. The resulting breed had the speed of the terrier and the tenacity of a bulldog. Today, almost all bull terrier breeds like the American pit-bull terrier, Irish bull terrier and the French bull terrier are small in stature but otherwise powerful.

Bull terrier puppies are prone to deafness and therefore should be thoroughly checked regularly for any signs of deafness.

  Submitted on June 1, 2010  

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