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American Alsatian

American Alsatian

Dogs are perhaps the most popular choice of pets all over the world and the fact that they are very loyal animals in addition to being very good companions has seen a lot of them being considered to be almost an equal member of a lot of families all over the world.

Dogs are very intelligent animals and can be easily trained to accomplish a number of different roles.

American Alsatian Dog Breeders, Puppies, Cost and Information

The American Alsatian belongs to the same family as the German Shephard, the breed from which it was developed in fact.

Alsatians are highly prized across the world and are widely used in law enforcement and for various other purposes. The American Alsatian is an extremely loyal dog and it has high levels of intelligence, making them extremely easy to train.

The combination of intelligence, discipline and strength in the American Alsatian dog makes this a perfect breed for some specific roles like as a guard dog. The decision to buy American Alsatian puppies should however be well thought out as they do require a great deal of love and care.

The American Alsatian dog is one that falls into the large category of dogs and was primarily developed from the German Shephard, the Alaskan Malamute, the great Pyreneese and the English Mastiff. Unlike most other dogs, the American Alsatian was primarily bred to be a companion dog, making it the only dog breed that was originally intentionally bred for this purpose. The American Alsatian is known to be a very calm animal, albeit with a significantly low drive to perform laborious tasks. Due to their calm demeanour, these dogs are considered to be very good with the household’s children as well, but can act a little more aloof when dealing with children that it does not known very well. The American Alsatian is known to be very sensitive to voice modulation and an American Alsatian will realize when its master is upset with it purely by the tone of his or her voice.   

American Alsatian puppies will usually grow up to be rather large dogs that can reach up to about between 25 and 28 inches tall. They have muscular and large bodies, despite the fact that they will prefer to sit and home and laze around for most parts of the day. For any more information on American Alsatian breeders as well as American Alsatian cost, you can refer to the many websites based in your area on the Internet. 
  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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