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Ariege Pointer

Ariege Pointer

The Ariege Pointer is a fairly recent dog breed, which displays special skills in pointing, retrieving and hunting.

They not only make excellent hunting dogs, but are also very loving and friendly dogs, when kept at home. This breed was on the verge of being extinct at one point of time. Fortunately, Ariege Pointer dogs are no longer endangered; however, they are quite rare to find.

Hence, the Ariege Pointer dog is an excellent choice for those who have a penchant for rare breeds. Since the Ariege Pointer dog is an excellent hunting dog, it has great scenting skills. It gets its name from its pointing skill, where it points its muzzle towards its prey.  In fact, this dog is also a good swimmer and can retrieve things from the water too.

Ariege Pointer Dog Breed, Puppies, Nature and Information

Physically, the Ariege Pointer dog has an angular and a long head, with a straight muzzle, which is very useful in its pointing ability. Depending on the color of its coat, the nose may have a reddish tinge to it and the color of the eyes may also vary. The ears of the Ariege Pointer are not pointy, but are long instead. Hence, extra care needs to be taken of their ears, which may be more prone to bacterial and fungal infections of not cleaned on a regular basis. This is all the more important in weather conditions that are moist.

Nature wise, the Ariege Pointer is very independent, yet easy to train. Hence, all pet owners need to ensure that the right dog training for Ariege Pointer puppies begins as early as possible, so that an obedient and friendly disposition can be instilled in the dog, right from the beginning. In case the Ariege Pointer does not undergo the right training, unfavorable personality traits like aggression and stubbornness can be evident in its temperament.

These dogs are very energetic and require a high amount of activity to release their energy. Hence, they are not suitable for apartment life; they need to be raised in a house that has a huge backyard. However, as compared to other dogs, long walks alone may not be sufficient for dogs of this breed. The Ariege Pointer can make an excellent companion for those people who like jogging and running on a daily basis, or go for treks and hikes at regular intervals.

There is a lot of information on the Ariege Pointer dogs that is easily available through online resources. However, it is best to consult a vet or a professional breeder for more accurate information.
  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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