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Treeing walker coonhound

Treeing walker coonhound puppies, dog, characteristic  and training

The Treeing Walker Coonhound dogs are descendents of the English foxhound and a popular breed in America.

The origin of this dog is unknown but legend has it that in the early nineteenth century, a foxhound was crossed with another dog of an unknown breed from which the treeing walker coonhound was derived.

Though they have only recently been inducted as a separate breed, these dogs are known for their agility and their speed. They are tireless when pursuing game and can bark endlessly. They have a characteristic bark which is recognizable from a considerable distance.

They make great pets and are affectionate with their families. However, they are essentially suited for the outdoors and therefore suffer a great deal if they are kept indoors. They are suited for residential areas which have ample of open spaces and are not recommended for those who live in apartments. If you have to keep them in apartments or confined spaces, it is important to give them a lot of exercise.

Treeing walker hounds are medium sized dogs that have a white coat with bi or tricolor markings. Their coat is short and smooth and they are very muscular and powerful. Their strength is primarily in their shoulder region. They have large floppy ears with well muscled lean legs. They look a lot like beagles and may be mistaken for a large beagle.

Treeing walker coonhounds are affectionate animals and are great with children. They are also sociable and can easily get along with other dogs. They are patient, even tempered, and cannot be annoyed easily. They are highly curious animals and are genetically prone to standing on their hind legs to pursue an object. Though this particular action may cause people to get alarmed, they are hardly ever seen to display aggression towards any human or animal.

They are often quirky, and detaching them from certain objects or people can sometimes be a very challenging task. They love to sleep around and enjoy watching television. Treeing walker coonhound puppies can be easily trained if the training is performed consistently. However once adults, treeing walker coonhound training can be a very difficult task as they can often turn obstinate.

They are extremely intelligent and are prone to being a little mischievous. They are able to use and manipulate objects in their surroundings to accomplish tasks. You may often see mischievous walker coonhounds moving around furniture or jumping around on tables to get to their target.

  Submitted on October 14, 2009  

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