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Norrbottenspets dogs

About norrbottenspets dogs history, personality and training

Overview: Norrbottenspets dogs are also known as the Pohjanpystykorva and the Nordic Spitz.

These dogs are native to Sweden, and are the national dogs of the country. These dogs were originally used as hunting and farm dogs. While these dogs do not have long hair, they can still cope with long, harsh winters. They make for great companions to hunters and can lead them to fallen prey just by listening to the sound of the bird flying.
This breed of dog is quite small and very intelligent.

These are energetic dogs that are vivacious and make for great companions. It has a fox-like head.

Appearance: These dogs have a muscular yet compact body, and give the impression of being square. It has a well-developed, strong fore chest, and a deep chest. It has a fox-like head with a long muzzle.

They have bright eyes and a calm yet energetic expression. These dogs have a double coat – the undercoat is thick, soft, and fine, while the overcoat is close fitting, straight, and rough. This sort of coat is good for winters and keeps the dog warm. Norrbottenspets dogs have a bushy tail that loosely curls over the back of the dog. Norrbottenspets weigh 25 to 35 pounds, and have an average height of 16-28 inches.

Personality: These loving and affectionate dogs that form a deep bond with their owners and are extremely loyal. These dogs are very playful and energetic, and make for excellent companions for children. They are gentle with kids and will protect them with their life. They also get along well with other house pets. These hunting dogs like to bark and can warn their family members about strangers. If you feel that your dog barks too much, then obedience training might help.

Training: These are intelligent dogs and want to please their masters. These traits in them make it easy for you to train them. However, you need to keep in mind that positive reinforcement is necessary to train, and heavy-handed and harsh training methods do not work well. Avoid repetitive commands.

Exercise: You need to remember that these are hunting and working dogs and full of energy. So, they enjoy being given tasks. You also need to exercise these dogs as they need a lot of physical activity to keep alert and fit. If you are the kind of person who enjoys sports and physical activity, then this dog is ideal for you. These dogs are not suitable for apartments as they like a lot of space, and have boundless energy.

  Submitted on October 20, 2009  

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