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Komondor Breed of Dog:

Known to be a dignified, loyal and protective breed, komondors are highly attentive and sensible dogs.

They are very devoted towards the family to which they belong and are extremely protective of their owners, the household’s children and surprisingly enough, even the other household pets. Although, this is definitely a good quality, this protective nature of the Komondor dog breed may not always be favorable, particularly around strangers, whether children or adults. This thus necessitates early socialization as well as supervision of the breed.

Komondor dogs are self reliant and independent, as this is an inherent trait that they possess. Komondor puppies are rather playful and energetic, and although this playful disposition of theirs tends to reduce as they mature and grow older, they still do remain substantially agile and fast. These dogs have a deep bark as adults and although this adds to watchdogs abilities, it can prove to be quite disturbing at nights.

Being lively in nature, routine activities tend to bore them and hence they require a variety of physical and mental stimulation. Apartment life is not meant for the komondors dog breed, they need to have a safe and secure area in which they can exercise. Komondors can be rather determined and territorial, this make training them a challenge. Individuals that have had previous experience with dog ownership and training should go in for this breed. Additionally, this dog will suit those that have a lot of time on their hands, as komondors require commitment, ongoing training and a substantial amount of maintenance when it comes to grooming. An owner that is positive, assertive and confident will suit these dogs, as otherwise they can get hard to control.

Komondors are large and very unusual looking dogs. Muscular and powerful, this breed has a corded white coat that very closely resembles string mops. Apart from this, they have a double coat that calls for a high level of maintenance. In terms of grooming, these dogs require a lot of maintenance, time and dedication. Bathing them can prove to be quite a cumbersome and time consuming task, as it is important to ensure that their corded coat is properly rinsed and washed. Komondors are generally a healthy breed, however, some health problems that one might to look out for include, low metabolism, sensitivity to chemicals and drugs and cataracts. The average weight of a full grown komondors is somewhere between 85-130 pounds while in height they average about 26-30 inches.
  Submitted on May 7, 2010  

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