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Black russian terrier

Black Russian Terrier Dog - Information on Puppy Care, Grooming and Diseases Prone To Black Russian Terrier

The black Russian terrier is a dog that is most predominantly found in the regions of Russia and the Caucuses.

The black Russian terrier has a history as a guard dog and a police dog as well as helping out in daily chores of peasants in the Russian countryside.

These dogs are actually one of those peculiar looking creatures that has a thick black coat, which most breeders like to sculpt into a certain shape that accentuates its features of masculinity and ferocity.

In large part, the dog has an easy-going temperament and though it may seem to be a loner is quite attached to its adopted family and integrates very well into a family unit.

Black Russian terrier puppies, just like all puppies are extremely adorable miniature versions of the adult with a curious and playful disposition.

Black Russian Terrier grooming is a very specialized task that needs to be done according to specifications if you are planning to enter your dog into a dog show. The coat itself should naturally be hard and dense. Care must be taken in the dog's diet and shampoo habits to ensure that the fur never becomes too soft. Ideally, the hair should be quite frizzy with the length of the fur being at least four centimeters thick. There should also be a visible beard and fuzzy eyebrows as well. As mentioned previously, the black Russian terrier temperament is one that is largely docile though it is very protective of its family much like any dog would be. Black Russian terrier training is also much like the training that is giving to most dogs as they grow up; though the task might be made much easier by the fact that it is a more “serious” dog in its disposition. Black Russian terrier information can be acquired by scouring the internet for breeders as well for special interest groups.

The dog is also prone to some kinds of disease because it is historically a specially bred dog from a few other species. Dysplasia of the hip and the elbows are common afflictions that the black Russian terrier is prone to after a certain age. Additionally, it is also prone to progressive retinal atrophy, a condition that will eventually lead to blindness. Some of the other problems associated with the breed are an affinity for hyperactivity if allowed to be in closed area for too long. Another problem is the ambient temperature that the dogs can be in, which should not exceed 25 degrees centigrade.

  Submitted on May 11, 2012  

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