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Spanish water dog

Spanish Water Dog:

Spanish water dogs are a wooly coated, rustic looking breed of dog that has its origins in the Iberian Peninsula.

Originally developed to be a multi purpose herder, the animal is also commonly used as a gun dog and assistant to fishermen. Some of the other names that the Spanish water dogs are known as include Perro de Agua and Perro de Lanas. While the exact theories of its origin are still rather unknown, the most commonly believed theory is that the animal was brought to the South Iberian Peninsula by Turkish merchants, along with their flocks of livestock.

Fisherman would generally prefer to own Spanish water dogs with lighter coat colors as this would make them easily visible in the water while farmers preferred the darker coat variety as they were easier to spot in green pastures. Even today, the Spanish water dogs can still be found working on the mountains of Andalucia herding goat and sheep, much like they have been doing for the best part of the last 1000 years. Some Spanish water dog training has also helped some of them develop into very efficient search and rescue animals as well.

The Spanish water dog is a very versatile animal that is also extremely intelligent – making Spanish water dog training a rather straightforward process. They make for very good companions and are extremely devoted as well as competent when assigned most tasks. While the animal is very free and happy around its owners, it can tend to be a little suspicious of strangers. As a result, socializing Spanish water dog puppies is almost essential to make sure that they grow into friendly animals. The animal requires a confident trainer with a pack leader mentality to prevent them from becoming protective or territorial and, while they are very caring animals, they should never be left unsupervised around children. Spanish water dog grooming is not a very time consuming feat as the coat should not be brushed. However, you will need to check for matting every once in a while and any matting should be gently pulled apart without tearing any cords. Baths should be administered only when the animal is extensively dirty with the help of lukewarm water and neutral shampoo, while the coat is allowed to air dry. Moreover, Spanish water dog puppies should be trimmed for the first time around the age of about 6 months. The eyes have a tendency to collect dirt on a regular basis and should thus be cleaned consistently.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010  

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