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Colonial Cocker Spaniel

Colonial Cocker Spaniel - Information on the Dog Breed, Puppies, Breeders, Temperament and Rescue

The colonial cocker spaniel is basically not a purebred dog.

The colonial cocker spaniel dog is in fact a cross between the English cocker spaniel and the American cocker spaniel.

Most colonial cocker spaniel info or for that matter the information for any mixed breed dog will include details pertaining to the temperament and the physical structure of the breeds involved in the cross to get a clearer picture regarding the crossbreed puppy.

With regards to the temperament of the colonial cocker spaniel dog, it is known to be well balanced and cheerful, and will get along very well with families. Most colonial cocker spaniel breeders will always recommend that while planning on purchasing colonial cocker spaniel puppies you should always ensure that the eyes of the puppy are a shade of dark hazel, brown or dark brown in color. Bright and full eyes, are also an indicator of the health of the puppy, with dull eyes being indicative of illness. Similarly, the ears of the colonial cocker spaniel dog should also be set on a low level as compared to their eyes and also lobular with an overall coat that is relatively straight and silky.

Colonial Cocker Spaniel Puppies, Breeders and Rescue

All reputed colonial cocker spaniel breeders will offer puppies that have the standard physical structure, such as well rounded hind legs, a muscular neck that should be set into the shoulders and moderate in length. Anyone who is intent on adopting a colonial cocker spaniel, or if you have picked up a puppy from a colonial cocker spaniel rescue centre, should bear in mind that being a mixed breed dog , the colonial cocker spaniel puppy requires a moderate amount of daily exercise in the form of a brisk walk and it may also be beneficial for this dog breed to have access to a fenced in yard. If you do have plans to bring colonial cocker spaniel puppies into your family, you should understand that this breed is known to be overly friendly and playful and will typically need loving but firm leadership to be truly happy and know their place in the family.

The colonial cocker spaniel tends to get along well with other dogs, but in most cases , colonial cocker spaniel dog owners are known to find it difficult to housebreak this breed of dogs initially. In fact colonial cocker spaniel info will also highlight that this breed is known to develop uncontrollable urinating problems at times that are primarily caused because of insufficient mental or physical exercise or even overexcitement.


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