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Guatemalan Bull Terrier

Guatemalan Bull Terrier Dogs, Puppies, Height, Weight and Information

The Guatemalan bull terrier is also called Dogo Guatemalteco and is primarily found in Guatemala.

The Guatemalan bull terrier dog is largely Guatemalan dog despite like looking like the Argentinean breed Dogo Argentino. It is called bull terrier mostly because of the influence of the English bull terrier. The Guatemalan bull terrier information available tells us that it started as the Fighting Dog of Cordoba. There are different breeds that were used to breed the Guatemalan bull terrier, which include Bull Terrier, Boxer, Dalmation and Dogue De Bordeaux.

This dog was bred purely for a guard dog. As this dog has a combination of different breeds, it shows courage, loyalty, intelligence, endurance, trainability and tenacity. In the 1930s, Hector Montenegro was responsible for breeding and popularizing the dog in Guatemala. Today this dog breed is the official breed of Guatemala.

This dog is also a celebrated fighting dog breed in Guatemala. As Montenegro did not list out all the breeds used to breed the Guatemalan bull terrier, today’s dog, one can only assume they are of the same mix. Today the grandson of Montenegro, Dr Antonio Chavez looks after the breeding and registration of this breed in Guatemala. In the US, only the National New and Rare Breed Association registers this breed.

The Guatemalan bull terrier grows to a height of 24 inches and weighs about 79 pounds. This dog is usually white and can have a black patch over an eye or some distinct head markings. This dog has a square muzzle and a slightly undershot jaw. This dog is also found in a giant or big size. It can live for up to 12 years. This dog has thick skin and a shiny, smooth and dense coat. Sometimes the tail and the ears are cropped, Boxer style. This breed is a fairly calm and controlled breed. It can be trained very well and they still make for great companions and pets in any household. The training of the Guatemalan bull terrier dogs must start when they are puppies. This breed enjoys company and can be leery and suspicious of strangers and strange activities. Due to Guatemala’s tenuous political climate, you often see this dog guarding houses across the region. This breed has a long life with almost no predisposed genetic problems. Their coats needs little grooming and do not need a lot of exercise. Regular walks are however important and would do the dog a lot of good.
  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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