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Keeshond dog

Keeshond Dog:

The Keeshond dog is a medium sized dog that has a strong build and distinctive appearance.

These dogs have a double coat, which is long, straight and dense. In addition to this fluffy coat, they have a very stately looking shock of dense fur around their necks. Their tiny ears stand upright on their heads, this attributes to their alert expression.

They have a thick coat that is rich gray in color with shades of cream and black. When it comes to weight, the female of this breed weighs roughly about 34 pounds while the weight of the male ranges between 41 to 44 pounds. Furthermore, Keeshond puppies grow to be about eighteen inches in height once they attain maturity.

On account of their double coat, these dogs require a substantial amount of grooming. Keeshonds need to be brushed for an hour or two every week, or else the fur will begin to matt. This can be prove to be quite harmful for the dogs, as matting of the hair will prevent air from reaching the skin, this can then lead to infections.  

Keeshonds need to be trimmed only when required for medical purposes, such as a surgery. This is because these dogs are highly susceptible to a condition known as post clipping alopecia. This can occur any time after they are trimmed.  Fur in the trimmed area begins to fall off and the dogs get totally bald in that particular region for some time, till the hair grows back. Keeshonds are heavy shedders and are hence unsuitable for those with allergies. Keeshonds are extremely good natured, loving and affectionate dogs that love being surrounded by their human family. Known to thrive on love and attention, these dogs love to participate in family activities. Some dogs can be pretty demanding when it comes to the attention and affection that they need. In fact in the absence of the desired display of affections, these dogs tend to get bored and may at times indulge in barking too much.  These are happy and spirited dogs that love human company and hence are friendly towards everyone.

Due to manner in which they bare their teeth, they have come to be known as the smiling Dutchman. Keeshonds make good watch dogs, but they may not be that good guard dogs on account of their friendly nature. Keeshond training is relatively easy as these are non fussy and intelligent dogs. These dogs require peaceful surroundings, as they are quite sensitive and possess powerful hearing.
  Submitted on December 24, 2009  

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