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Boxerdoodle - Information on the Dog Breed, Puppies, Temperament, Breeders, Training and Rescue

The Boxerdoodle dog is a cross breed dog.

When a Boxer and a Poodle are crossbred you get a Boxerdoodle. These dogs are found to be easy to get along with and are great family dogs. They also get along well with any other pets a family might have. They can range in size from 10 inches to 25 inches in length.

Their weight can vary anywhere from 12 pounds to 70 pounds. They are not classified as small dogs however.

Boxerdoodle Puppies and Temperament

The Boxerdoodle usually tends to live longer than most of the purebred dogs even though their life expectancy in not known.  A Boxerdoodle puppy may have a coat that comes in different colors and textures. They sometimes come with a curly coat and sometimes a wavy coat.

Boxerdoodle puppies may also be born in varying colors like mahogany, fawn, chestnut and rich brown. The Boxerdoodle temperament is an easy going one which makes it an ideal family dog. They love to play with other animals and with children. They are found to prefer the indoors even though they can stay both indoors and outdoors. They should have no real problem with apartment life. As with any dog breed the diet is rather important and you should make sure that your dog is provided with healthy nutritious meals.

Boxerdoodle Breeders, Training and Rescue

One can get a Boxerdoodle from Boxerdoodle breeders or from a Boxerdoodle rescuer. Some basic Boxerdoodle information that you should be aware includes the need of Boxerdoodles for plenty of exercise. Boxerdoodles are very energetic. In fact sometimes when playing with children or with other pets, they may be too active. It is advisable that you take the dog for regular walks to avoid behavior problems. These dogs do not inherit the health issues of either of their purebred parents and this makes it an ideal dog to cross breed. One should always remember to clean the ears of the Boxerdoodle regularly. This is primarily because a Boxerdoodle has long ears and may hence be prone to ear infections. One should train a Boxerdoodle when it is still a puppy. These dogs are easy to train and learn to follow instructions obediently and well. They also respond very effectively. In fact to socialize a Boxerdoodle properly, one should train them in social skills when they are still puppies. They will then learn to be comfortable and get along well, not only with other people but also with other pets. Thus the Boxerdoodle can make a great family pet.
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