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Boxapoint - Information on the Dog Breed, Puppies, Appearance, Size and Life Expectancy

The Boxapoint is a cross breed between a Boxer and a German Shorthaired Pointer.

The Boxapoint was first cross bred in United States of America. To understand the temperament and characteristics, one needs to first understand the Boxapoint’s parent breeds. The Boxapoint is a hybrid dog or a cross breed. It is sometimes even referred to as a designer dog. This is because such dogs are bred specifically from two purebred varieties to obtain the best of both.

Hence when Boxapoint breeders are cross breeding between the Boxer and the German Shorthaired Pointer they are attempting to extract the best qualities of both the breeds. The genetic history of the parents is therefore an important consideration as this will ensure that the Boxapoint puppies born will be healthier and stronger. There are plenty of advantages to selective breeding of the Boxapoint dogs, as random breeding could allow the offspring to inherit the biological weaknesses of the parents.

The Boxapoint dog breed thus exhibits even greater personality traits and characteristics that help in qualifying it as man’s best friend. The Boxapoint dog breed has a pleasing temperament as it is playful, smart and loving.

It is an active dog and needs regular exercise. A daily walk at the very least is necessary.

Boxapoint Puppies, Appearance and Life Expectancy

Boxapoint care is not too demanding, as they are very easy to groom. However these dogs seasonally shed in fall and spring. They can be trained very easily and make a great family dog. They do not bark too much but are vary of strangers. They are very strong and fast dogs. A Boxapoint that is fully grown will weigh anywhere between 25 to 45 pounds. These dogs are muscular in appearance with strong backs and deep chests. They tend to have long and floppy ears.  One can get a lot of Boxapoint information online. With the strong presence of most breeders online today, you can probably also buy Boxapoint puppies online.

The life expectancy of a Boxapoint is usually 10 years of age. They are good dogs for hunting, guarding and working. They prefer to be around people more than other animals. One should take care as some Boxapoints have an allergy to beef. Normally Boxapoints are very healthy with very good skin health. In the winter months their coats may get a little dry. It is always recommended that one clean the ears of their dog regularly to avoid any ear infections even though Boxapoints have no predisposition to ear infections. The average size of a Boxapoint litter can be anywhere between 6 pups to 8 pups.

  Submitted on October 11, 2011  

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