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Daschund Dog:

The daschund dog is probably one of the most recognized breeds of dog on the face of the earth because of its peculiar shape and stature.

The daschund is recognizable from its sausage like appearance and long flappy ears. The disposition of daschund has also earned it much fame for its constant craving of human companionship.

The daschund’s origins seem to be from Germany with the country even adopting it as the mascot in the 1972 summer Olympics; however, there have been mummified remains of these short dogs that have been found in Egypt as well, though the modern daschund owes its lineage and breeding to Germany. Daschund training is described as one of the most difficult activities that one can indulge in because of the dog’s obstinate disposition.

Daschund puppies do not completely resemble the adults right away but rather grow into their most recognizable form.

The daschund was originally bred as a hunter in Germany. The dog has an extremely long snout that allows more surface areas to capture scents and it also has an expanded lung capacity. In addition to this, the dog’s shape makes it especially good at underground hunts for rabbits, badgers, and rodents. Its feet are also specially shaped in a webbed appearance with slightly loose skin to avoid tears when digging. There are a few breeds of daschund ranging from the most recognizable hairless variety in its black and cinnamon colors, to a furrier variety, and the final variety that looks more like a terrier than a daschund. The temperament of this dog is quite unique and is not stranger friendly at all yet if the dog is left alone it will constantly whine until a human does turn up. To this effect, the dog is extremely fond of human company. The dog needs a lot of time to get accustomed to children around the house and the same goes for children also. This is because the dog tends to be picked up and manhandled very often because of its size and picking up the dog incorrectly can cause a lot of injury to the dog. If the dog gets irritated then it might even bite a child.

The dog is vulnerable to many health problems because of its elongated spine and small rib cage. The disease that is most commonly associated with the daschund is intervertebral disk disease. This disease can even paralyze the dog and owners are advised to bring even healthy dogs for examinations for this problem.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010  

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