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Carkie - Information on the Dog Breed, Puppies, For Sale, Behavior and Characteristics

The carkie breed is derived by cross breeding the Cairn terrier and the Yorkshire terrier.

These crossbred dogs, also referred to as designer dogs, are developed in order to obtain the characteristics of the two pure breeds. As is obvious, carkie dogs possess the temperament and qualities of both of their parents, albeit the characteristics may vary in a wide range depending upon the ancestral history.

Carkies are small dogs, and an adult carkie dog stands only 10 to 15 inches.

Their weight is around four to seven kilos. Carkie dogs usually acquire more of the characteristics of the Cairn terrier than those of its other parent.

Carkie Puppies, Behavior and Characteristics

The behavioral characteristics of the carkie dogs can be quite unpredictable.

However, in general, they are quite social and playful. They easily mix with other people and kids provided they are socialized properly. However, some carkie dogs may tend to be stubborn and willful, while others may be harsh towards other pets and animals if they develop a possessive or territorial attitude.These kinds of territorial traits can be prevented by training them to socialize from the very beginning.

Most children love to play with carkie dogs and puppies, and for kids, a carkie dog is more or less like a toy. In fact, carkies can turn out to be good household pets if the carkie puppies are properly trained. Despite being small, carkie dogs are protective towards their owners and make for good watch dogs.

When it comes to care, since carkies have long hair, proper grooming is required frequently. You can brush the upper coat twice a day to keep it clean. Apart from grooming, carkies are a healthy dog breed, and there are no serious health issues associated with them.

For more carkie information, you can consult the American Kennel Club or alternatively you can research the breed online. You can also contact your local pet store or a vet for guidance in caring for the dog. If you want to bring home a carkie puppy, you can search for some reputed dog breeders on the Internet. Carkies for sale can also be found in a number of ads in local magazines and newspapers.

The most important thing to keep in mind while buying a pet is that you must check the previous history of the parents of the puppy. This is very necessary so that you can get the genuine breed that is not predisposed to mental and physical illnesses.

  Submitted on September 27, 2011  

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